FamiStudio NES Music Editor

FamiStudio is very simple music editor for the Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom. It is designed to be easier to use than FamiTracker, but its feature set is also much more limited. It is targeted at both chiptune artists and NES homebrewers.


Latest Release

Fixes in 3.1.1 (Latest hotfix)

New features in 3.1.0

Breaking/behavior changes:

Release trailer


Download links

Windows Installer

Windows Portable EXE

MacOS Bundle


Linux AMD64 Binaries

NES Sound Engine

Installation Instructions

Demo Songs

A few demo songs are included in the installation folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\FamiStudio). Songs with no author are my approximate re-creations, based on the NSF.


Please visit documentation page for detailed documentation.

Getting Started

Here is a 1h video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic song from scratch.

Source Code

The entire source code is available on GitHub.

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