Cleaning-up Your Project

Clean-up Dialog

The clean-up dialog dialog is accessed from the toolbar. It can perform various cleaning operations, such as deleting unused elements and merging identical ones.

Here are the operations that can be performed:

  • Merge identical patterns : Patterns that are identical on the same channel will be assumed to be the same and will all be replaced by instances of a single one. To be identical, patterns must have the exact same notes, effects, etc.

  • Delete empty patterns : Patterns with zero notes or effect values will be deleted. Only applies to the selected songs.

  • Merge identical instruments : Instruments that have the same settings and envelopes will be combined into ones and every notes using the intruments to be deleted will use the new one.

  • Delete unused instruments : Instruments without a single note played will be deleted.

  • Delete unused samples : Samples without a single note played will be deleted.