FamiStudio uses some external libraries for sound emulation, import and export to various formats. Many thanks to the developers working on these.


Created by Blargg. It also includes improvements they made later on in Game_Music_Emu. Was also modified by me to add a few more expansions.


Created by Disch. Was stripped down to only keep the audio emulation core and is used for the NSF import.

emu2149 and emu2413

Created by by Mitsutaka Okazaki. emu2149 is currently unused by the code.


Created by Gabriel Bouvigne, Pete Everett, Patrick Roberts and others. Used for the MP3 export.


Created by the Xiph.Org Foundation. Used for the OGG/Vorbis export.

Demo Songs

A few demo songs are also provided with FamiStudio. Unless mentionned, the demo songs are my re-creations, done by reverse-engineering the NSF.

  • Another Winter - Anamanagughi (cover by How2Bboss. Thanks!!!)
  • Nice - Full Soundtrack (by How2Bboss. Thanks!!!)
  • Dedrecil - Full Soundtrack (by How2Bboss. Thanks!!!)
  • Layla : The Iris Missions - Iris (by Supper, my approximate recreation)
  • Tower of Heaven - Indignant Divinity (Flashygoodness, cover by Danooct1. Thanks!!!)
  • Green Hill Zone Theme - Sonic (cover by How2Bboss. Thanks!!!)
  • Mega Man 2 - Stage Select & Dr. Wily's Castle
  • Journey To Silius - Intro
  • DuckTales! - The Moon
  • Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears
  • Shovel Knight - Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)
  • Shatterhand - Final Stage
  • Gimmick - Strange Memories of Death (Improvements contributed by marklincadet. Thanks!!!)
  • Silver Surfer : BGM2
  • Gradius II - Farewell
  • Gyruss - Stage 2
  • FamiStudio - Tutorial Song (song created in tutorial)
  • Lagrange Point - Theme of Isis & Aqueduct (Contributed by marklincadet. Thanks!!!)
  • Megami Tensei II - Explorer (Contributed by marklincadet. Thanks!!!)